Large Petting Zoo

Professionally run petting zoo with healthy, well cared for animals. click here for details.

Christmas Nativity

Nativity scenes are a specialty of Marsha's Petting Zoo. click here for details.

Fun Train Rides

We can bring our train to your event! Kids love it. click here for details.

Large or Small Venues

We can help you with any size venue. click here for details.

Camel Rides

You can ride a real camel! click here for details.

Clean, Mobile Zoo

Whether small or large, we bring a clean, mobile zoo to your event. click here for details.

  • Petting Zoo
  • Nativity
  • Fun Train Ride
  • Large or Small Venues
  • Camel Rides
  • Clean, Mobile Zoo
  Exotic Animal Petting Zoo
Big Smile at the Petting Zoo!


Marsha's Exotic Animal Petting Zoo has been serving Texas and surrounding states for over 25 years.

We take pride in our neat, skilled, professional team with their main focus being:

"For the Smile of Child"

Marsha Smilie

  The Petting Zoo's

We can cover several events with
the best petting zoo's in Texas!

Kemah Boardwalk


  Rides - Pony, Hay, Camel and Trains

We offer a variety of pony, hay, camel
and train rides for any event.

Train Rides


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