September 12, 2014

This year at Galatas Elementary (The Woodlands, TX) “AROUND THE WORLD” is our Springetti theme.  Springetti is one of our Largest Fundraisers for the school and I am the Events Coordinator this year for this amazing event. How fabulous would it be to have 2 camels for our families, located in the back of the school on the bus loop. Springetti would take place in March.

An extra special event for our Special Ed students, families and staff will be held on an evening in March too. They would be thrilled to either see or ride 1 camel at their VIP Springetti party! We have MANY families that already rave about your Zoo and about a 1000 more families that will be exposed to your business as I will advertise you in our directory as well as double expose you as I incorporate your logo into the decor part of the school! So excited!!!

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