Trackless Trains

Trackless Trains

We have the best trackless trains and the highest Google ratings in the Greater Houston Area. Please visit our Trackless Train Website for more details – The BEST Trackless Trains in Houston –

We have two trackless trains to choose from. The Texas Flyer and the Diamond Express.  They make any event super fun. Come One, Come All! Age does not matter! Everyone can have fun. We do recommend smaller children ride with adult supervision.  Our expert staff can help you determine if your child is big enough to ride alone… just ask. Remember, safety first. We want your child’s experience to be a great one!

These trackless trains are safe and quiet. They don’t need a track, so as long as the ground is level, they can go just about anywhere. They work well on paved surfaces, streets, in most parks, at schools or in malls. NOTE: They do not work well over hilly terrain or rough roads, so please, when you call to schedule, let us know your terrain situation.

Texas Flyer

(Details coming soon).

Diamond Express

Our larger train, Diamond Express, carry’s up to 24 people. The Diamond Express is a very quiet electric train. The kids love it!

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